My Chances at UVA

<p>Hi everybody! I applied early decision to University of Virginia, and was just wondering if someone could give me their opinion on my chances.
I live in Northern VA. I have a 3.85 and a 1580. Im president and cofounder of a volunteer organization, play soccer, and am in SGA. HAd internship in London and did exchange in spain during the summers. Good recs (I hope!) and according to my friends pretty good essays. Thanks!</p>

<p>Not unless you write horrible essays, you are in! FYI, I posted a thread in the UVa section w/ essay writing tips. Check it out.</p>

<p>i think the 1580 alone will get you in...</p>

<p>Not necessarily. I know of people w/ 1600 SATs who were rejected.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for the feedback, would you mind reading my essays to see what you think of them. I can never trust what my friends and family say, because I think they are afraid of hurting my feelings. Thanks!</p>

<p>not at uva</p>

<p>My D and I recently went to an info session for UVA in Ca. IF memory serves me correctly, the admissions officer who spoke mentioned that over 300 people with scores over 1500 were rejected last year from UVA. Not sure how you want to take that...and he did not separate out of state from in state re: those stats. Quite honestly, I was surprised that the number wasn't higher.</p>