My chances at vandy

<p>I really want to go to Peabody at Vanderbilt. What are my chances...?</p>

I'm a senior and have been a part of a Magnet Program in Science, Math and Technology for four years
I am a minority</p>

<p>Classes Took:
honors lit, honors brit lit, honors american lit, AP lit, honors bio, honors chem, honors biochem, ap chem, ap dna/genetics, ap advanced scientific internship, ap advanced scientific research, ap gov, ap econ, latin 1 and latin 2, journalism 4 years, honors world and american history.
(took most rigorous courses and got a's and b's)
taking it in Dec
EC Activities:
-Yearbook Editor-in-Chief (12th)
-Yearbook Section Editor (10th and 11th)
-Leadership Club member 4 years, President (12th), Elementary Outreach Coordinator (11th and 12th)
-Key Club Member 2 years, Vice-President (12th)
-Advisory Board, (9-10)
-Student Council Activities board (11-12)
Community Service:
-organized elementary tutoring visits twice a week for two years (11-12)
-organized and provided child care at elementary schools for two years (11-12)
-Aided Red Cross at Blood Drive
-Organized school-wide change drive to help recent hurricane victims
-received award for high community service hours from Institute of Young Leaders
-Community Service Hours: 80+
Work Experience:
Intern at Kaiser Permanente from September 2004-Present
Worked as receptionist in a salon from May 2001-October 2004</p>

<p>I think I'm pretty average compared to other vandy applicants</p>

<p>ACT is low for vanderbilt if you can score about 1350 on the december SAT you'll be a competitive applicant. I'd say if get 1350+ don't send your ACT scores in. Your GPA and EC activities look great. Good luck.</p>