My school. community college student

Hi everyone,

I am currently in an NYC community college majoring in mechanical engineering. I have an overall college 3.65 (out of 4)GPA, planning to transfer to a 4 year engineering school for fall 2021. I would like to major in aerospace(mostly) or mechanical engineering.

No SAT. Hs GPA 2.8 - I hangout with the wrong people. I’ve learned my lesson.

Low Income and first-generation student.

Any reach or target school would you recommend me on looking at?

What I have in mind:
USC, UW, [Cornell], stony brook, [Syracuse], Illinois, and Virginia tech.

extra activities:
-President of the engineering club.
-In a research fellow program researching in multi-rotor drones.
-Participated in a NASA Academy online.
-member of an engineering team at my local 4-year school. Designing rockets.

Any suggestions?

You need to meet with the Transfer Advisor at your CC, and ask that person where students like you have been admitted. They will be able to counsel you much better than we can.

Wishing you all the best!

Check out any Instate school or one that has deals with your school or NY.

Check out this for comparison. Great program Transfer Student FAQs • Engineering Transfer Students • Iowa State University

Rpi, RIT, University of Rochester…
… For starters…