My chances for a top college

GPA: 3.98/4.50
Rank: 88/848
SAT: 1500
Subject test: Math ll (800), Biology (790)
AP’s: 7 taken so far, in 4 right now; 4’s and 5’s on all
-Internship where I research and certain research gets passed down to clinical studies.
-Internship where I write research papers regarding oncology.
-Mayors Youth Program
-Volunteered at the hospital (2 years)
-DECA + 3rd in state
-Art Executive Leader for an organization + created art for different organizations
-Executive member of literary arts magazine
-HOSA + state 2nd place
-Art Internship
(i have more but these are the major ones)

Art published in several magazines
Art published in national anthology (twice)
Art exhibited in multiple galleries/ museums
Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

also planning to submit an arts supplement

Your chances for a top college are just like Fokker’s portfolio…strong to quite strong.

I would be careful about labeling schools as “top” colleges. There’s really no such thing, because the accreditation is still a bachelors degree. Plus, there’s not enough ivy league graduates in the workforce for employers to care. Employers generally hire locally and regionally because it’s more cost effective.

Doing well after college is a function of what you major in, because you’re there to gain marketable skills. If you come out of college with marketable skills that are useful to an employer, it won’t matter where you graduated from.