My chances for admissions?

I got accepted into the Experience Colorado College weekend. It is an all paid weekend to get to experience the campus. I fell in love with the campus and am worried I will not get in. I applied early decisions and my GPA is a 3.83 and I went test optional. I submitted 4 recommendation letters and worked hard on all my essays. Realistically, are my chances very low for admission? Or do you guys think I have a good chance of getting in?

I think your GPA is solid, but hard to evaluate in isolation (for example, do you have a weighted GPA or a rigorous courseload? Are you top 10% or top 15%?) I think that especially for test optional applicants your essays and EC’s will be key–and especially strong if your EC’s demonstrate commitment and passion. Also, are you requiring financial aid? I think these are the key factors. Good luck!

Grinellgirl is correct. A 3.89 unweighted will put you in good shape. A 3.89 weighted would put you below average for admitted students. In fact, in my 4 years at CC, I don’t think I met anyone who did not exceed 4.0 weighted. Then again, nobody at CC worries too much about high school grades. Testing Optional is a new thing. I can’t give any insight. So you are left with two cards to play: academic rigor and essay - especially the essay. Most people arrive here with 6 or more AP classes or college credits. I had 13 on my transcript. That helps. But the main thing is the essay. Prove that you understand the value of the Block System and you are virtually assured admission