My Chances For BC in Fall 2017-18

Grade: incoming senior
Residence: Ohio
Grade Average: UW: 3.7 W: 3.92 (very low. I know)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian (Korean)

Pre-high school:
Physical Science (A)
Algebra 1 (A)
Latin I (B)

French 1 (A)
Modern World History (B+ - A-)
Honors English I (A)
Honors Geometry (A)
Biology (A)
Choir: (A)

French 2 (A)
Top Level Choir (A)
AP American Studies aka AP US History combined with Honors English 2 (C-B+)
Chemistry (A)
Honors Algebra 2 (A)

French 3 (A)
Top Level Choir (A)
Honors Precalc: (B+ - A)
Honors English (B - B+)
AP Physics I (B)
AP Government (B+ - A-)

Next year (Senior):
IB French HL
IB Psychology
AP American Language
AP Calculus AB
Top Level Choir

Highest ACT Score: 32 (taking it again one more time in September. Goal is 34)

over 200 hours at local food pantry
Leader and overseer of teen operations at the food pantry
National Honors Society
Multicultural Club
French Club
Teen Institute (drug free club)
Charity events (performing at concerts)
Top Women’s Choir (3 years)
Feeding the Homeless (Faith Mission)
Participating in 3 top level choirs
Student Council
Sophomore Cabinet
Senior Cabinet Co-LEADER
HEAD CHAIR of the community committee where we find how to get the school involved with the community
Principle’s Advisory Council
CAP (a highly selective program offered at my school where upperclassmen mentor freshman)
Drama Club (thespian)

Dear ylim9911 : Boston College wants to see four full years of High School academics in the five major subject areas : English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language. Your senior year schedule drops two of these (Science and History) which leaves your last science impression as a B (AP Physics) and your last history impression as either a C or B+ from US History. Government, a so-called “soft” AP exam course, was scored as a B+ or A-.

Your academic course selection and GPA (looks to be about a 3.0 in AP college caliber course work) are both short of the BC mark. I am not sure how you have calculated a 3.7 GPA based on these grades but that it a discussion for another day.

There are no sports at all in your profile to underscore school spirit, but you have been active in music via your choir work. Leadership positions are missing (is coleader the same as co-president?) and you should focus on your role as Head Chair for the community engagement committee at your school. Overall, your profile does not indicate that this would necessarily be a strength of yours, so highlighting the achievements of that team will be crucial - and in particular, your role in motivating the team.

Your ACT score at 32 is certainly above the midpoint. You can consult the BC Fact Book for more information on those acceptance curves.

Right now, it appears that Boston College would be a stretch school based on the GPA and course density. You might want to reconsider your senior course load if at all possible.