my chances for boston university's acclerated medical program?

<p>Stats: ACT 34(one sitting) probably retake one more time! SAT 2's: Bio 780, USH 750, and ill be taking chem and math 2 which are my strong subjects. GPA 4.4 weighted. 3.96 UW and after senior year will have taken 13 AP classes adn 12 ap tests. Out of 8 ap tests i have 4 5's and 4 4's.
Extra cirriculars: Speech and debate- 3 years
Model United Nations- 2 years
National Honors society Co pres and project coordinator-2 years
Hospital and Library volunteering-tons of it
Cultural volunteering for indian events- 5 years
Internship with neuroscientist- junior year summer and will work through senior year. Also this field im interested in! so i would appreiciate if you guys told me my chances of this thanks!</p>