My chances for Christopher Newport University? I'll chance back!

<p>I get my decision next week! Ah! I wasn't too nervous before- I was pretty sure I had a solid chance at getting in, but you know how it is.</p>

<p>Chance me for Christopher Newport University?</p>

<p>GPA: Either high 3.4s or low 3.5 but it was a 3.39 at the end of my junior year.
M: 520
R: 630
W: 580</p>

<p>Grades/ Course Load:
-21/29 courses I have gotten an A or a B. (My school system is on a 6 point grading scale still so hopefully college's will take that into account. If I lived one county over about 90% of my grades would jump up to the next letter)
-I've taken all Honors courses and 6 APs (U.S. History, English Language, Psychology, English Literature, U.S. Government, and Statistics)
-I've taken 5 year of math, 4 years of Spanish, 4 years of English, 4 years of History/ Government, 4 years of Science, 3 years of Fine Arts Electives, 2 years of gym, 2 years of academic electives), 1 year of a community service elective</p>

-Theatre (Musicals and Plays)*
-Key Club (Secretary)*
-Beta Club*

<p>Awards/ Honors:
-I've had an article published in a national magazine
-2 Core Value Awards
-Honor Roll</p>

-I've done well over 200 hours of community service at a local elemtary school</p>

<p>Possible Issues With My Application:
-I have gotten 2 D pluses. One in Trig and one in AP Statistics. During my interview I was asked if I felt my work correctly reflected my abilities and I explained about my math problems. I was able to talk about how every "bad grade" (Under a B) was in a math or a science involving a lot of math. I was told not to worry too much since I applied as an English major. But still...this is my biggest concern as an applicant. A close friend of mine had stats and grades almost identical to mine and she got in but I know it differs from person to person.</p>

<p>I'm in state, I want to be an English major, I have a really amazing letter of recommendation from my English teacher, I did the interview and I feel it went well, my essay is pretty good since I am an English major after all....what are my chances?</p>