My chances for Cornell Dyson and Emory Goizueta

I am a rising senior from Boston.
I currently go to a boarding school in Massachusetts, and I want to know my chances for my ED 1 (Dyson) and ED 2 (Goizueta).

GPA: 3.71/4.00 (Unweighted)
Class Rank: N/A
Courses taking during senior year: AP Stat, AP US Gov, AP Phy 1, AP Lit, Mandarin II, and Architecture
SAT 1: 760 (Reading) / 800 (Math): 1560 total
SAT 2: 800 (Math 2C) / Physics (800) / US History (780)

VUE Investment Team (Founder President): have invested fundraised money ($ 10k) with 8 members of the club in venture (V), undervalued (U), and emerging market (E) like Tesla, LG Chem, Inometry, etc. It allowed me to experience the real invesmtent.

VUE Stock & Analysis Team (Founder President): analyzes and debates before the investments. Book value, market trends, and compatibilities are the main focuses to analyze. The team has analyzed Tesla, KOSPI, etc.

Internship at Accounting Firm: recorded financial data and helped writing financial report of the firm. It taught me to analyze and read financial report like PER, ROE, and CEO’s mindfulness on a firm.

English Teacher for Korean Elementary Students at Nursery (Voluntary): read english fairy tale books and taught vocabularies by using the drawings and pictures. It led me to build schools for unprivileged and orphan students when I success in the business world.

Varsity Track & Fields: 200m dash / Shotput

Speed Skating Team (Captain): 800m / 1600m: 3rd Place-Korean National Championship

Movie Research Club (Founder and President): watching movies is my greatest hobby; team-working with my teammates allowed me to find cinematographic usages and skills that I have missed before.

Media Team (Camera and Video Editor): filmed sport games of the school and edited to post videos on school’s website and YouTube Channel. It allowed me to know how filming and video-editing works. I will film an independent film in the future.

Model UN (Treasurer): managed money for the conference, ride (UBER), and hotels when the team went out for the competition. It led me to use money more efficiently with the same amount.

School Tour Guide: introduced advantages and disadvantages of my school to the visitors. It taught me the way to socialize with the visitors and introduce information at the first meeting, which will be beneficial when I manage my own business.

and other unlisted extracurricular activities such as tutoring, part-time jobs, alpine skiing (Semi Pro), debating club, and others.

I choose Cornell Dyson as my first pick because the school is experimental and groundbreaking. I definitely believe that Cornell 's unique characteristic will help me when I become an investor in the future.

If there are any business schools that experts think that it will be better fit to me, please give me an advice.

I need experts’ advice and knowledge.

Thank you.

Dyson’s 2019 acceptance rates were 5.5% for males and 7.7% for females. That with your 3.71 is going to make it very difficult unless there is something very special about your HS.