my chances for early admission???

<p>Hi everyone. I'm applying early admission to the College of Human Ecology in hopes of pursuing the Human Biology Health and Society major. I was hoping some of you could review my stats and give me a good indication as to where I stand. I would really appreciate it.</p>

Lives in New York
Graduates 2009</p>

Unweighted GPA: 3.5 (school does not weigh gpa's, but all classes are either honors or AP's with the exception of french)
SAT: 1390 (740 Math; 650 CR)
ACT: 31
SAT II Biology E: 720
SATII Math I: 670</p>

President of Science Olympiad
Captain of Science Bowl Team
Founder/Coach of Middle School Science Olympiad Team
Junior Varsity Indoor Track
Baseball League outside of school
Editor for School Paper
Member of Recycling Club
Member of school volunteering club
Member of National Honor Society
Volunteer at local hospital (100+ hours)
Intensive Research at local college
Frisbee Club</p>

Maxima Cum Laude (Latin Award)
Award for academic excellence on the French Language
$1000 scholarship from local hospital for excellence in community service
Junior Varsity Letter (indoor Track)
Two Excellent Teacher recommendation letters</p>

<p>I think your only edge over other applicants are your ECs. test scores (esp subject tests) and gpa are lacking. I think your gpa will hurt you the most</p>

<p>If I were to convert my gpa to the general weighted standard (+0.5 for all honors classes and +1 for all AP's) my weighted gpa would be well over a 4.3. Do college's even consider that? Also, are my chances for acceptance higher since i am applying early admission?</p>

<p>o and btw, when i say early admission, i really mean early decision. sorry about the confusion.</p>