My Chances for ivy league...

<p>Hey everyone, I am just starting to apply for schools and wanted to see if you guys think I have good chances to get in anywhere. Here is some of my information:
GPA: 3.88 unwweighted, 4.55 weighted
AP Tests: Calculus AB 5, AP EURO 5, AP US 5, AP German 3
SAT: 1400 (math 800, verbal 600) but i just took it again oct. 9
SAT 2: Math 2C 800, US History 740, Writing 750
Current schedule: Biotechnology, AP music theory, AP Chemistry, AP GOV/ECOM, AP English, and AP Calculus BC
CSF Life Member
Ranked in top 5 percent</p>

4 years varsity baseball
4 years basketball, 2 varsity
defensive mvp and teammate of the year in basketball
pitcher of the year in baseball
Eagle scout with a finished project
Band for 3 years
Peer tutoring</p>

<p>So with this info, hopefully somebody can help let me know if you think I can get into Princeton (which I am applying early) and also schools like Duke, Penn, Stanford, Yale, Harvord, and Cornell. I am trying to play baseball and get into engineering school. Thanks a lot eveyone</p>

<p>Your verbal score is WAY low. Hopefully it will be >700 in October. Other then that you look like everybody else, so you have a chance (12-24%, depending on the school).</p>

<p>If you get 1500+ in SAT, that will give you good chance at the lower ivies (CPD)</p>

<p>I actually think you have a great shot at all your colleges. it will all come down to the recs and essays.</p>

<p>Yeah I am hoping to write good essays, especially about my eagle project and boy scouts, and I have really good teachers for rec. Hopefully I pull off a 700 on verbal for this SAT, do you think that will make a big difference?</p>

<p>600 verbal and 700 verbal? Not <em>that</em> big, but something really, really good to have.</p>

<p>wow, we have "lower" Ivy League now.</p>


<p>Sorry to call Dartmouth "lower", but if I had to classify then I would call CP+D lower :-(</p>