My chances for JHU, Duke, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt...?

I am a senior studying at an international school abroad (Class of 2020) and I’d like to go back to the States for university. Since I’m studying abroad, I really need some insight as to what are my chances of applying to certain schools as an out-state/international applicant - much thanks!
I plan to go pre-med so probably will study biology as an undergrad.
SAT: 1500 (700 eng and 800 math) with an 868 essay score
GPA: ~3.97 unweighted
SAT 2: 800 in math 2; will take bio and chem soon
AP: 6 5s (APHG, APWH, AP stats, AP calc BC, AP lang, AP chinese) and 2 4s (APCSA, AP psych) and will take AP bio, AP physics C, AP Lit, and AP econ (both).

Extracurriculars- (most important 5)

  1. Student Council: from just a member, to class representative, to HS Secretary, and lastly to the first female Asian HS President
  2. Internship at a University bio lab for 2 summers; a chem lab for 1 summer
  3. Internship at a hospital for 2 weeks
  4. MUN/debate: participated since 7th grade with 10+ conferences and is the DSG of my school’s conference. Got the top third speaker at a “state” debate competition.
  5. Taught kids English through a Western style Education

Oof that’s a lot to read but please please please help me to estimate my chances of ED-ing to those schools (JHU, Duke, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt). Thank you SO MUCH.

Obviously you can’t ED to 4 schools. Pick the one that you feel you have the most reasonable chance it. Perhaps use ED2 for a school that has it. Be aware that Johns Hopkins is known for deflating undergraduate GPAs and may not be ideal for a pre-med.

Your most reasonable chances are at Vanderbilt, so I would use my ED there.

I might take 1 more SAT to try to get the English score above 700. 1500 is a good score already but a score in the neighborhood of 1550 might be preferred.

It’s odd that you have no AP score listed for a science yet. Most seniors applying to competitive schools like those on your list will already have taken an AP science test. Also have you taken Chemistry (either AP or regulars/Honors) yet?

These are reach schools for all applicants.

You can look up the common data set for each school to see their acceptance rates.

JHU gives a big bump to ED applicants but it’s very competitive for your major.

These schools are also private so there is no difference between instate/out of state as long as you are a US citizen. If you are an international applicant with citizenship in another country, take the acceptance rate and cut it by 1/2.

Given how competitive college admissions are, I always suggest target schools where there are reasonable chances. You should add Case Western, Emory, and Rochester as well as they are all excellent pre-med schools associated with well-known medical schools. You’re a pretty solid match for Case and Rochester and Emory is a reasonable low reach school.

I have heard that Vanderbilt really focuses on standardized testings and since my scores are not great, I wanted to ED II to Vandy.
I have taken conceptual physics, regular chemistry, and regular biology. My schedule did not allow me to take AP science classes last year.
And yes, I’ll be taking the October SAT again with the goal of getting a higher English subscore.
Are you implying that there will be a really small chance of getting accepted into JHU? Oh noooooo :frowning:

The lack of an AP Science class, especially if your school offers them will make most of your schools reaches.

Self-studying for science AP tests is no substitute for taking an actual class.