MY Chances for my dream school...NYU

<p>Do you think my chances will be high for NYU...I live in Omaha, Nebraska...My guidance counselor said that at most, only 10 will apply to NYU in the entire state...she talked to a rep..I am applying Early Decision...I visited the school in the summer...I am applying as a tisch major...For Musical Theatre...I am really prepared for this audition and I think I will kick I have four backup pieces...I've been rehearsing since August...MY Extra curriculars are-Leads in musicals, Leads in plays-12, NHS, Varsity Show Choir-National award winner, student ambassador, stage manager, International Thespian Society-state representative, Drama Club, French Club, Concert Choir-section leader, Newspaper (3 years, staff writer), Piano (7 years), voice lessons(3 years),AMC THEATRES, Hollywood Video, Guidance aid AWARDS-Best Duet Acting(two years), Who's who in America, National Honor roll, Outstanding student award nominee. GPA-3.5 but our grading scale is 93-100 is an A, 85-92 is a B, 77-84 is a C...the schools grading scale will be sent with my transcript...MY ACT score is 25...One of my friends from a local high school got into NYU with a 22 (I think it's the Nebraska thing)...what do you think my chances are?...I'd really appreciate an answer</p>

<p>They teach you to type incoherently in Nebraska? Anywho.. You have a chance... but you should realize they prefer students from New York, so it's better to have very competitive grades. Tisch is very hard to get into. Contact a guidance councelor at the school, I can't give you a definite answer.</p>