my chances for northeastern after getting deferred earl action

<p>I am an asian male from nj I applied ea to northeastern and got deferred. I applied to the businesss school. Here are my stats:
Gpa: 88/100 (unwighted- 1st 3 yrs)) school does not weight
SAT: 2020 m-680 cr-620 wr-720
senior yr 1st semester grades:
Ap stat-C
Ap bio-A+
Ap us history-B
calc honors-B
english 4-B
world relgions-B+
How much will the C in ap stat hurt me?
stockmarket club
computer club
hospital volunteer(100 hrs)
usta tennis player(ranked#25 in nj)
homeless shelter volunteer
varsity tennis</p>

<p>Do you think I can get in northeastern even after getting deferred?</p>

<p>What is your GPA now with your senior year grades in?</p>

<p>The C wouldn't hurt you do much if you had gotten As in your other classes. But you did get several Bs. </p>

<p>Getting deferred usually means they want to see your senior year grades, and you did not do your best. Still have a chance, but I don't think it's great.</p>

<p>do u know if northeastern weights your school doesnt weight...if they do i think that would help..b/c all my B's would go up a letter grade</p>

<p>Yes, they weigh your grades +.5 for honors and +1.0 for AP.</p>


<p>does any1 think despite my 1 C 1st semestr senior yr, I can get into northeastern</p>

<p>I think if your grades are the same or improved, you have a chance. It looks like the competition for EA was tough, so I guess it depends on how many applications they get for RD.</p>

1 C won't hurt. It was the overall grade that got you deferred. How competitive is your high school compare to other high schools in New Jersey? If you are coming from a highly ranked school, you still have a good chance. Don't panic!
I saw you also applied to Boston U, Bentley, and Fordham. I am sure you will get into at least one.
Best of Luck!</p>