My chances for Rutgers NB 2021

GPA unweighted - 3.41
SAT 1350
AP- Calculus AB, BC, Physics, Chemistry, English, US History College
AP for Senior Yr - Statistics, English Literature, US Govt policies, Microeconomics, Calculus C

What school within Rutgers are you targeting… RBS, SAS, SEBS…?
The 2019 Rutgers Admission Midranges are on the site and give you an idea of previous admissions but 2021 may be a rough year due to Students ‘deferring’ Admissions from this year (due to Covid closures)

Thanks for your response, I am applying for SAS (Physics +AstroPhysics)

Make sure you are Applying EARLY!!! Rutgers has been asked to provide the number of ‘Approved Deferrals’ of 2020 Accepted Students and the bigger the number the harder 2021 Admissions will be (as a Deferral essentially uses up a seat that you may have qualified for). Your class RIGOR is good (how hard your schedule is) your SAT is good (especially since you took it and they WILL evaluate those who did in fact take it for Fall 2021), your GPA is a little on the low side but again RIGOR is usually more important and the SAT results helps! The big question is how many seats may be used by deferrals, though that fact is hitting the Ivy’s more than Rutgers. Good luck and APPPPPPLY now!

bruh i got into rbs (which is supposedly highly competitive) last year with a 1340 and a 3.2 uw. had less APs than u. ur most prolly gonna get in.

Thanks, hope to see you next year in Rutgers :slight_smile:

R u instate?

Yes I am from NJ