My chances for several colleges

<p>Currently I'm a Junior, but I'll be applying to college in less than three quarters of a year now which is frightening! I'd like to know my chances of getting into a few colleges in my area.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.63 Unweighted and 3.92 Weighted. My freshman year was especially weak, and my sophomore year could have been better, but so far for Junior year my GPA is 4.0 UW and 4.42 weighted. I figured if I maintain my current grades for the rest of Junior year and through Senior year, my Unweighted GPA will be a 3.8. </p>

<p>SAT: 2130 (740 Math, 710 Writing, 680 Reading) Id say this is my strong point. I've taken it twice, the first time in October I got an 1860, then I received tutoring and took it 2 months later in December and got a 2130.</p>

<p>SAT II: 600 World History</p>

<p>Class Rank: I go to a highly competitive private catholic school (Median SAT score is 1900). Each year 15% of the graduating class attend Ivy league schools. Our school doesn't officially do ranks, but 48% of the students have a 3.8+ weighted GPA, so I'm probably around 60-80ish out of 200, but from what Ive heard Class Rank doesn't really matter in competitive private schools unless you're applying to extremely selective schools</p>

<p>Classes: I've taken all regular courses except for math and sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, AP Physics). Math and Science are my strong subjects. I only took two years of language (Spanish) because I wanted to be able to take Comp. Sci this year and AP Comp. Sci senior year. I'm taking AP Physics B this year, and I'm already approved for AP Physics C., AP Calc AB, AP Comp.Sci, and AP Gov next year. </p>

<p>ECs: I haven't done ECs for Freshman and Sophomore years because I had transportation problems since my school is quite far from my house. This year I drive and I'm on the Literary Staff for our Literary Magazine which is nationally recognized, Math League, Science League, Science NHS. I don't do any sports, but I do part take in our school's Weight Lifting program, which technically isn't a sport, more of an EC I guess.</p>

<p>I'm a first generation american born citizen from my family, the second to graduate from a US High School. Of Indian descent. The third to pursue a college degree (My dad is a B.S from India and my sister is currently a pharmacy student). Im from New Jersey. </p>

<p>These are the schools I'm planning to apply to, I'm still torn between Business and Engineering (Civil)</p>

<p>Reach Schools:
Georgetown (Business)
Cornell (Engineering)</p>

<p>Range Schools:
Villanova (Business or Engineering)
Fordham (Business)</p>

<p>Safety Schools:
Rutgers (Business)
NJIT (Engineering)
USP (Pharmacy, if all else fails)</p>

<p>Based on my profile, what are my chances of getting into these schools? I really would love to get into Villanova, what do I need to make sure I get in. I've been to the campus for a visit.</p>


<p>high reach for cornell. all i can say</p>

<p>I would say you are in everywhere from Villanova and below. Georgetown is a toss up... but Cornell engineering is top notch, so that one is probably a reach. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>aww come on, if all else fails, just work hard and transfer :)</p>

<p>I say you have a very good chance at your range schools. not sure about Cornell or Georgetown. good luck, and I hope you get into your top choice!</p>