My chances for UC's, help!!

<p>Help me plz, :)</p>

GPA (weighted): 4.24
Rank 13 out of 516
SAT1: 1300 (740 M, 560 V)
SAT2: 600(W) 730(Math) 750(Bio)
AP's: U.S. History (5)
Biology (5)
Statistics (5)</p>

Badminton, JV (2 years)
Chinese Cultural Club (3 years) (Historian, Vice-President)
Horizons Tutoring (3 years)
NHS (2 years)
CSF (3 years)
Boy Scouts (3 years) (Currently life scout, aiming for Eagle!!)
LAMP English Tutoring (100+ hours)
Alhambra Hospital (20+ hours)
Math Club (3 years) (Assistant Tutoring Committee Head)</p>

<p>Current Schedule:
AP Gov
AP Econ
AP Calc AB
AP Chemistry
AP English
Auto Tech (hehe :))</p>

<p>What are my chances for the UC's? Please help me out, i'm aiming for at least UC San Diego, but hoping for Berkeley too :)</p>

<p>Please someoneeeeeee</p>


<p>UCLA/UCB: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match</p>

<p>yay finally someone, thx for the feedback :), anyone else?</p>

<p>someone plzzzzz</p>

<p>hey flopsy, wat's my chance for brown?</p>

<p>ahhhhhhhhhh comon</p>

<p>are you instate or out of state?</p>

<p>if you are in-state-you have a shot at all the UC's
if out of state, you have a shot at all the UC's, but might not get into UCB and UCLA
and for brown, unless you apply ED(with that, 30% chance of getting in), you have like a 0.1% chance of getting in.</p>

<p>oh i forgot, sry, i'm in-state :)
thx for the feedback neelesh</p>

<p>Any others? is major a deciding factor also?</p>

<p>ya major is a big factor
id say u have a decent shot at ucla and berk
all the other ones should accept u except uc san diego is still not a guaranteed admit</p>

<p>I have sort of similar stats,
I think UCB and UCLA are a bit of a reach but not out of the question. Your SAT verbal score is a little low.
UCSD- match
UCSB and cal Poly's safe matches</p>

<p>darn i'm gonna try and raise that verbal >:)</p>

<p>How much does ur senior year program affect admission? Does it improve ur chances greatly if you get like a 4.5 GPA senior year?</p>

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<p>i need more opinions</p>

<p>I dun think the colleges see your Senior Grades until AFTER you're admitted. If you do badly in senior year, its a reason for them to reject you, but I don't think many colleges include senior grades.</p>

<p>Beep bump, thx :)</p>

<p>What's the major that makes it easy for a person to get into berkeley? cuz i noe engineering is really competitive. Any ideas?</p>

<p>Brown 5%
Instate UC's 90%
if out of state, slight reach (SAT score)</p>

<p>Bumpity bump, thx anthony :), more opinions?</p>