My chances...? I'l chance back

<p>I'm an Indian student in 12th grade. Took the SAT on 5th november and messed it up a bit, so i'll be retaking it in December...expecting around 2050+</p>

<p>Academically, I got 94% in 10th grade (rank 14/300 in school). My class rank was 6/50 in 11th grade, and 2/50 in 12th grade mid year examination. I'm expecting above 95% in 12th Board examinations.
I've got a couple of excellent LORs (one each from physics and chemistry teacher), good essays and a nice SOP.</p>

<p>ECs' : Been playing Guitar( classical and electric) for almost 8 years, and I've composed numerous songs and stuff.</p>

<pre><code> I started working on the NASA space exploration Project last year, and will be submitting it in april 2012.

  Been working on a novel and the manuscript is finished, and I guess it'll be written in a year or so..

  Member of the tennis club for three years, and play at semi-advance level.

  Started an eco-club last month with a friend along with my Eed teacher, related to the problem of water scarcity in villages around the state. We've contacted an MNC called KRIBHCO that will help our message reach nearly 20,000 families in U.P.


<p>I know My EC's are too weak, nothing national or International about them... :(</p>

<pre><code> I'll be applying to :
Geargia Tech
U of Michigan-ann arbor
UT Austin
University Of Wisconsin-Madison
National University Of Singapore
Manchester, King's and Bristol in UK.

<p>anyone.......? please??????????????????? :(</p>