my chances into BROWN

<p>2002-2003 admittance -
Brown's 25/75 SAT percentile: 1290-1500
HS rank - 87% top tenth, 97% in top quarter</p>

<p>I am an Asian male
My SAT I: 1550
my HS rank: 143/850 (16-17th percentile)
GPA: 3.57
790 US history
780 Math IC
740 Writing
750 Math IIC</p>

<p>APs :
US History(5)
Art History (5)
English Language (4) didn't take class</p>

<p>Current schedule:
ap physics
ap english literature
ap macro econ
ap calculus
video production</p>

<p>Statistically, it seems Brown favors my low(er) GPA. What do you guys think? By the numbers I seem to be a match.