My chances of finding something off campus in Oakland for this fall?

<p>Yeah so I got a potential roommate and we're trying to find a 2 bedroom in Oakland (north or south oakland doesn't matter) I know it's late in the game (i'm transferring in from Pitt-Johnstown), and there are places available, but not a whole lot... and it seems like when i do searches on craigslist I see a ton of places in neighborhoods that are kinda far away, don't know where else to look either. I've looked at Off-Campus</a> Living | University of Pittsburgh, but most of the people there are looking for sublets for the summer, or are girls lookin to live with other girls.</p>

<p>Hopefully more places will open up within the next 2 months? (with leases ending and all) I mean, it's not the end of the world if I don't find a place. I could commute from my home only about 7 miles away for free with public transportation, plus i'd save a lot of money, but I would definitely prefer the convenience of living close to campus...</p>

<p>My daughter found a place through A-1 Realty within the last month. I do think that places will open. I had contacted another realty group (can't think of the name) and they were going to have openings this summer. Go to Pitt's housing/apartment page and call some of the realtors. I do nthink things will open up. good luck.</p>