My chances of georgia tech, poor writing sat

<p>Georgia Tech is where I have always thought of going. You think I can get in? I am a rising senior with college constantly on my mind. I live in Georgia, and I am a white dude (not helping)</p>

Math - 740 (missed 2)
Reading - 600
Writing - 450 (Does this matter?), 8 essay</p>

AP Chemistry (99)
AP Chemistry, lab (96)
AP Computer Science A (97, 96)
AP Calc AB
AP Calc BC
AP Bio (two semesters like chem)
AP Physics</p>

<p>Other Core Classes:
Highest math and science classes: Honors Chem, Honors Bio, Honors Alg, Honors Alg II, Honors Geometry, Honors trig/adv alg (pre calc)</p>

<p>all regular lit and history FTW</p>

Mostly all computer classes (CTAE), lifetime sports, filmhistory, Spanish I and II</p>

All high As mostly, but i got an 89 in spanish II (don't get me started)
My GPA is definetly in the top 10 percent of if not the best public schools in the state (georgia though) it has highest sat scores in the state</p>

Beta club (did a tutoring program)</p>

<p>National Honors Society (step up from beta)</p>

<p>4 years varsity swim team 1 year of junior</p>

<p>Scolastic all american for USA swimming (3.5+ gpa and you go to sectionals meet, between state and nationals)</p>

<p>internship summer of junior year with IT guy at the University of Georgia</p>

<p>I will probably swim for gt but i want to get in on merit so i don't look like a jock or if i get injured</p>

<p>also my older brother went to georgia tech, and he was an alumni</p>