My chances of getting in to Vanderbilt?

<p>I attend a highly competitive high school. I've participated in swimming and varsity ski team for all four years. I also have been active in my school's theatre department for all four years. I'm a student ambassador as well as a peer advisor. I am a member of the national honor society (my school's requirement is a 3.8 and 30 community service hours). I've spent all of my summers either working as a counselor or taking college-level courses. </p>

<p>GPA 3.91 (unweighted)
ACT 33
Classes- all As, if you need more information on rigor I can post but I'm in mostly honors/AP classes
AP Lang 5
SAT Lit 780
SAT Math 2 720 (retaking)</p>

<p>Summer College Acting I: A</p>

<p>Vanderbilt is my number one choice and I really want to get in. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, what are my chances? I'm either applying ED1 or ED2, what would you recommend? For demographic purposes, I'm from the northeast.</p>