My chances of getting in?

I’ve been extremely nervous this entire fall semester, my anxiety is at an all time high especially this entire month. I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me my chances of getting into Fullerton. It may ease up my nerves a bit. Applying for Fall 2019.

Here are my stats:
Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.33
AA-S/AS-T: Yes
Golden Four: B, B, A, In Progress
Local: I go to Orange Coast College, live in Santa Ana

Last year local applicants needed a 2.75+ GPA for admission. You look competitive so best of luck.

are you saying Fall 2019 is looking competitive or I look competitive?

You look competitive based on last year’s information and GPA thresholds. Each year will be different but since you are considered “local” you should have a good chance.