my chances of getting in?

<p>I'm a white Jewish female from the Philadelphia area. I attend a public high school, have taken 5 AP classes, and have taken mostly honors/AP all of high school except for some maths and sciences. Because i'm not very good at math and had some bad teachers, my GPA is a 3.2 unweighted(but i hear most colleges re-weigh them? so it should go up). In top 25% of my class. My highest scores on the SAT were 660 math, 700 reading, 740 writing. I don't do a ton of extracurriculars but I'm involved/have been involved in a few things. This is my list of schools I'm looking at, please let me know if you know any specifics about their admissions and how good of a chance you think I have of getting in.
I'm interested in studying education which is in the agricultural college, which I've heard is easir to get into because it is less popular.</p>

<p>Low chance. 1360 M+CR, 3.2 UW GPA, top 25%, virtually no EC, picking CALS because you think its the easiest to get into, yeah good luck with those stats.</p>

<p>OP, ignore the poster above, he's unnecessarily abrasive.</p>

<p>If your ECs show that you're passionate about what you want to study, that's good, and having a few you're dedicated to is better than spreading yourself thin just to fluff up your resume. Your SATs are solid and just about in the middle 50%. The thing that can hurt you is your class rank - most people are top 10%. Your GPA obviously leaves a bit to be desired.</p>

<p>Still, apply. A great essay can increase your chances significantly. Good luck!</p>

<p>OP: you should try nevertheless. </p>

<p>this is kind of off-topic but is it just me or does a 700 sounds sooooo much better than a 690.</p>

<p>hah yea it does. also this is probably a stupid question but what does OP stand for?</p>

<p>its means Original Poster, so you. </p>

<p>What's the EC you were talking about?</p>


Students Advancing International Awareness, grades 9-10: Educated the student body about world issues and raised money to donate to some of those causes.
Volleyball team, 10-11
School newspaper, 12
Tutoring once or twice a week after school at the elementary school, 11-12
Honor Roll(all As and Bs) at least 2 quarters every year</p>

<p>Out of school:
Jewish Community High School of Gratz College- religious school, did a lot of community service projects through them, will receive a teaching certificate at the end of the year that can be used to teach hebrew school
Habonim Dror Jewish Youth movement- junior counselor at overnight camp this summer, organize and run events during the school year for the kids
USY(United Synagogue Youth), 9-10: board member for my synagogue in 10th grade</p>

<p>i think you stand a better chance if you apply to College of Human Ecology.</p>

<p>what majors are in that college? and does cornell allow you to switch colleges if you change what you want to major in?</p>