My chances of getting into Georgia State University

I applied to Georgia State University on January 5, 2017. I sent through a select candidate application and I even wrote an essay and my counselor sent in a letter of recommendation for me too. I was wondering if I would ever have a good chance of getting in. I was a straight A and B student until I had gotten a F in my first semester in senior year for French III. All of my classes are at standard level. I have 7 extracurriculars and 2 volunteer experiences (One of which I am currently doing as of today). My SAT score is a 980 and my ACT score is a 21.

BTW my GPA dropped down from a 3.73 to a 3.64

I think your chances are pretty good! I know people who applied with similar stats who got in early action.

thanks for telling me! Now I can’t wait until my admissions decision comes through and hopefully get in

Update: I GOT IN

Did you send your SAT or ACT score?

@anunknownboy I actually sent in both my SAT and ACT score :slight_smile: