My Chances of Getting Into UMASS Amherst or UCONN Storrs?

<p>I am currently a junior in high school, and I really want to get into either UCONN Storrs or UMASS Amherst. I am mostly a B student, but have gotten more A's this year. I dont know my current GPA, but my GPA coming out of Sophmore year was a 3.1. For SATs I got a 640 critical reading, 570 Math, and 620 writing. I am in AP History, and everything else is college prep courses. I took Chinese for Freshman and Sophmore year, and just switched to Italian. I am involved in many clubs and activities such as:
-Marching Band (Colorguard) (3 yrs)
-Winterband Colorguard (2 yrs)
-The School Musical (3 yrs)
- GSA (2 yrs)
- Glyphs, the student magazine (1 yr)
- The school play (3 yrs)
-Jazz Chorus (1 yr)
- President and Founder of the Musical Student Fundraising Commitee (1 yr)
- President and Founder of the Marching Band Student Fundraising Committee (1 yr)
- Church Choir (7 yrs)
- Church Youth Group (2 yrs)</p>

<p>I am also a cashier at shoprite, and have been for 2 years. I recently started reading to senior citizens in an assisted living home once a week. I have also won an award for completing 100 hrs of community service 2 yrs in a row. I plan on taking some college classes over the summer so I dont have to take practical arts electives, and for fun. I am applying for a 2nd job as a waitress as well. I hope to major in Psychology. </p>

<p>Do I have a good chance of getting in to either school?</p>