My chances of getting into UNC-Chapel hill

Hi guys my previous discussion was in the wrong category sorry about that. So here it is, in the right category this time!

Hi guys, UNC is a dream for me and I am currently a junior, and I am getting on edge about the process and most importantly if I will get in. So here are my stats:

Ethnicity: Indian/Asian
Residency: North Carolina</

President and Founder of at my school
Part of the marching band for 4 years, since 8th grade, and planning on becoming section leader next year
Won tennis tournament at local tennis club
Finalist for National Chemistry Olympiad
3rd place atScience Fair and won 3 awards
President of Science Olympiad next year
Part of National Science Honors society, Math honors Society (Mu Alpha Theta), and partpast 3 years, and planning on it next year also
Volunteer at hospital for a year now (couldn’t do before because of age restriction) and one of the 7 team leaders for volunteers for summer and next school year
Volunteered forFoundation where I coached middle school students in Math for 3 years now, and will do next year
Volunteer team leader at Second Harvest Food Bank
JHU CTY Scholar
CTE student of the month

Course Rigor:
Ap Environmental Science
AP Calculus AB
AP Lang
AP Psychology
AP Biology
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
AP U.S. History
I don’t know which APs I will take senior year
I don’t have many other classes to take since I have taken all math, science, and English classes offered, except for the extracurricular like Marine biology, and speech and debate

Going to apply as a major with probably a minor in Biology and Maths.

So please tell me my chances, I have scoured the internet and haven’t found any solid or convincing evidence of whether I will get in or not, so please tell me what you guys think!

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you will get into UNC. I was a freshmen there this past year and many of my friends got in with far less qualifications. Don’t stress! You definitely seem well rounded and that’s what UNC likes to see as a liberal arts school.

Hey @summerrj thanks is for the response. My only problem is that since I live in Charlotte which is the second most competitive area than the Raleigh - wake county area, that I have seen many more qualified people than me get in and I’m worried that I may have done less than them and it puts me at a disadvantage.

Hello, I am an alum and also a UNC parent, and also live in Mecklenburg. I think you look very good for this upcoming application cycle. Continue the good work through the fall semester, and hopefully we will be seeing you on campus in 2021. Best of luck.

In-state acceptance rate to UNC is 41%, and I think that EA admission rate for in-state is higher than that. So it is at least a match. Since you are in the top 25% by ACT, and above average by GPA, that would put your chances higher. Your profile in general is pretty good, which would also put you in a better situation.

While I wouldn’t go as far as @summerrj and say that you would be accepted “without a shadow of a doubt”, it would be a low match for you. IMO, your chances of being accepted are higher than your chance of being rejected, perhaps substantially so.

However, you should look at your high school’s Naviance. If almost all students with similar profiles have been accepted to UNC CH, it would mean that it is a safety.

Looks great- but if you have Naviance, look up the number of kids from your school accepted into CH these past three years. Say, the number is 60- consider yourself relatively safe if your rank is in the top half/60% of that number, ie, 30-35. Outside of that, it’s anyone’s guess. It’s not just the scores and grades, it’s where you stand in your school, because they will only accept so many kids from each HS. Good Luck!

Hi all, thank you for the help, our school moved away from Naviance, and to SCOIR. But before the transition I was able to look up my scores based on the people in my school. Since I am in the top 7 or 8 %of my class,it placed me in the category with those who got in. And usually top 40 get in, so nearly top 10% of our school gets in.