My chances of UC's?

Hi CC! I’m applying under political science (prelaw) this fall as a freshman. Some background info on me is that I’m a first-generation persian female and live in California.

My more “rigorous” classes include AP European History, AP Biology, AP Language and Composition, AP US History, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP Psychology, AP Government, and AP Literature. My grades are mostly A’s, few B’s, and one C+ :frowning: (calc, first semester)…Passed all my AP exams. Unweighted GPA is 3.58 and weighted is 4.25. I’m taking the new SAT in October (I know, super behind) but my average on the old format was 2050.

I’ve been on the mock trial team for 4 years and have been captain for 2.
I started a club (NAMI) about mental health and have presided over it for 3 years.
I represented my school district in a regional oratory contest and won a scholarship for it.
I’m also a part of YSLP (Young Senators Leadership Program), so we do community service etc.

I know polisci is a pretty impacted major, but I’d love to hear some feedback/honest opinions. If I’m missing any important info, please let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

UC GPA weighted capped?

3.85…I know it’s pretty low, not sure if it’s even enough for Davis/Irvine/SB.

Sorry, it’s actually 3.95*

You are in range for UCI/UCD and UCSB but no guarantees. Definitely worth an application with your EC’s and strong essays, you stand a decent chance. Make sure you have a few more Match and 1-2 safeties on your list.

Good luck

Thank you!

Unweighted GPA is fairly low. I have heard from my counselor that UC admission officers use UW GPA as an equalizer between schools, since some schools use honors to inflate their students GPA.
UCLA/UCB are Reaches
UCSD is a Low Reach
UCI/UCD/UCSB are Matches to High Matches
UCSC is a Low Match
UCR/UCM - Safeties