My Chances...please answer

<p>UChicago is without a doubt my first choice university. I just wanted to know what my chances of acceptance are. Below is a highlight of my activities/stats. Also, I felt like my essays were relatively strong.
GPA- 3.86 unweighted
SAT- 2010
SATII Math IIC- 790
SATII Chem- 690
Extra curricular activities:
Summer internship at a finance company (40 hrs/week, 8 weeks)
3 Years of MUN
President of a community service organization at my school for 2 yrs (as well as treasurer for one year, historian for another)
Treasurer of another comm. service org. at my school for 2 yrs.
Treasurer of National Honor Society this year
Team Captain for 2 years of a Relay for Life team
Track&Field Varsity for one year (this year will be second year), JV for one year</p>

<p>Also, if the helps, my AP Scores as follows:
AP Chem- 4
AP Calc AB- 5
AP Lang-3
This year I am taking the following courses:
AP Literature
AP Calc BC
AP Psychology
Spanish IV
Can somebody please tell me what they think my chances of getting in are???</p>

<p>what are your hobbies? Like music, sport etc.</p>

<p>meh, SAT I is pretty low, but really I think essays are of greatest importance for Uchicago. Have some people read it, don't simply "assume" yours is pretty good. Everything else looks good though.</p>

<p>you can definitely get in</p>