My Chances / Please Respond

<p>I have a 3.1 GPA now at the end of my junior year; I will most likely graduate with a 3.2 GPA. I have a 1040 SAT/ 22 ACT. I am in the top 30% of my class. I have taken honors courses:
(H/AP): English I
French III
French IV
I have a very strong extra-curricular background of over 1500 hours of volunteer work along with extra-curricular activities including:
French Club (4 Years)
Church Youth Group (10 Years)
Key Club Treasurer and Member (3 Years)
Natural Helper (2 Years)
Letterman's Club (2 Years)
Community Action Team (1 Year)
Coach of AYSO Youth Soccer (7 Years)
Coach of Youth Swim Team (3 Years)</p>

<p>I have also served on a Governor's Youth Advisory Council in Nevada for 2 Years and I am on the Youth Leadership Team at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. That is also a two-year term.</p>

<p>I am Involved in sports including
4 Varsity Letters in High School Swim Team
1 Junior Varsity Letter for High School Golf Team
14 Years on the Club Swim Team for my city</p>

<p>My work experience consists of a part time job during the summer of my junior year (this year), and four years as the Marketing Manager to a major magazine in my community.</p>

<p>I have many recomendations from teachers and coaches as well as the principal of my school. I also have a part minority status (1/4 Asian).</p>

<p>Considering all of this, what are my chances (percentage wise) of getting into Valparaiso. Is there anything I can work on or fix to have a better chance of being admitted? I would love to be admitted to this school!!</p>

<p>I would love it if someone or many people would reply to this and be honest please!!</p>