my chances please

<p>Can someone please evaluate my chances at any of the 6,7,8 yr programs (especially GW, BU, RPI, Brown, Penn, TCNJ, Lehigh...or any u recommend) </p>

<p>and i'm also applying to columbia, cornell, and nyu in case i opt for the traditional 4-yr route...thanks a lot!!</p>

<p>please recommend any programs u find suitable..everyone else's stats seem so amazing...i'm having serious doubts</p>

<p>SAT I: 1460 (710v, 750m)
SAT II: math IIc 800, writing 750, chem 710 </p>

<p>gpa: 4 unweighted (no idea what is weighted...we're on a 100 scale and i have a's not a simple proportion to convert is it?)
rank: 1 out of 200
senior schedule: ap bio, spanish III honors, ap calc, ap stat, ap english</p>

<p>expecting 4/5 on the following ap's: chem, bio, english, calc, statistics </p>

<p>activities: NYLF on Medicine
NIH internship (40 hrs/wk, 5 weeks))
Spanish Club 4 yrs (co-leader)
Class Cabinet 4 yrs (leadership award)
school volunteering club 4 yrs
Natl Society of HS scholoars
Who's Who (yea its dumb..but who cares)
tutoring (20+ hrs..still have to add those up)
volunteer at hospital (250 hrs, medal of dedication)
science club
gifted and talented network
baseball (intramural)
NMSC commended student
bausch and lomb honorary science award </p>


<p>you have decent sat i, killer math, good writing, nyeh chem (i have 720 writing, but >750 on the other, two, as you do, so don't sweat). ur nih is a strength!!! hospital volunteering is a bit low, but u can compensate it with nih experience. the only flaw i see is a "lack of leadership" in clubs (altho u got the leadership award in "class cabinet"). did u hold office in nhs, baseball, or science club? w/e, write good essays and get good recs and i'd say you have a great shot. lol, i have mixed feelings about nylf--upon receiving my invitation, i thought it was either a scam (i got sooo many other things that i couldn't take any of them that seriously) or a rich-kid camp (i don't want to identify with that crew). u have good grades too (4.0 unweighted--man...), so don't worry about the conversion champ lol...good luck!</p>

<p>i regret not trying for offices in for science league there is no leadership position (i got second place if that means anything) was just intramural and i was considered a "co-captain"..hopefully leadership in class cabinet and spanish club will help me out</p>

<p>nylf was OK...definitely not a rich-kid camp...completely opposite people. It was either do that or nothing my sophomore-year summer...i learned how to stitch, i "shadowed" a doctor, and saw a surgery which was pretty cool</p>

<p>i was actually satisfied with my chem sat II..i thought i did terrrriiibllee. i was considering retaking the sats but i opted not to...i doubt it would have improved too much</p>

<p>nih was really good...i did research on how using drugs against malaria actually increases ur chances of getting other diseases...really good stuff</p>

<p>i doubt i'm brown plme material...what do u think?...and i probably aiming for bu, gw, or rpi..what r ur thoughts on those...thanks a lot</p>

<p>hey man apply to brown anyways--i'm in the same boat as you are, i long did ur nih thing last, btw?</p>

<p>it lasted 5 weeks and i think 2 days</p>

<p>what is this NIH thing. please explain i want to know??</p>

<p>its an internship program in DC...its basically lab work but its really in depth..i talk about my experience a few posts up i believe...its also government work so u feel really cool haha...its really tough to get into (basically...u need connections)</p>