My chances (slim)

<p>ACT: 31 (32.25 if your take the best ind of the two times I got a 31)
SAT: 1290 (ACT better so I asume this won't matter too much
GPA: ~3.8 I think (88% or 89% with frosh) UW It would be a bit high with my frosh year but they don't count it for some odd reason
CR: upper 15% I think (28 ACT avg from my HS, most competitive private school in IL)</p>

<p>AP US History
AP PolySci
AP Bio
AP Calc BC
Honors math and sci track (but I didn't take AP Physics)</p>

<p>Good Recommendation (I assume) and decent essays I think.</p>

<p>EC's (some are random I just copied it from my word doc I attached to the app and got rid of the explaination and years) </p>

<p>Border X Snowboard Competition – 4th Place
Online Gaming – top 100 World Ranking Warcraft III
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Competition Finalist – 11
Illinois Music Association – 9: Piano, Superior
Region/State Science Fair Awards – 8, Outstanding/1st Place</p>

<p>HS Swim Team (soph-sen)
Jazz Band
Student Government Webmaster
HS Track/Field (frosh)
Peer Tutoring<br>
ComPool SwmTm<br>
Guitar Lessons<br>
Piano Lessons
DDR MusicSimulatin<br>
Anime Scetches<br>
GrSchl Basketbl
Basketball Team Scorekeeper
Hoops Habitat
Hoops for Life Capt
Auction leader
Spanish Club<br>
Recycle Club
Chess Club
Built Own Computer<br>
SportsAceleratn Smr<br>
Diving Lessons

<p>Oh I applied over a month ago too to get into the early batch b/c it's rolling application. Also I'm a white kid from DuPage near Chicago :( I did LSA btw and want business in the future, but first I just want to get IN!!!</p>

<p>You put a ton of activities on there. How the heck will they keep track of them? And anime sketches,,,, did ya include them? Or just write anime sketches down? (I'm a huge otaku, but I don't know if you can write it down or not and sound impressive) You built your own computer? Insane. Why didn't you self study AP computer science. Had no clue there were DDR competitions out there. I have a friend who would be awesome at those... he once played so long(60-70 songs in a row) that he broke the dance mat. Amazing cheerleader though... Anyhoo, I do know U of M looks for people who have a lot to offer to the school. (That's what I hear from my "connections") But ya should've posted something sooner, there's not too much we can do. Good luck, you probabally have a good chance.</p>

<p>Your chances are not slim. They are quite good actually. A 31 on your ACT with a 3.8 GPA unweighed and top 15% of a very good high school looks good to me. You aren't a shoe-in, but you have a good chance. Good luck and keep us posted.</p>

<p>I wrote my essay about my passion for technology and how I used it positively to help my school. It ended up sounding really good showing how I struggled to break the cliche of a nerd etc. Anyways, yeah I do have a lot of activities. The coaching and scoring bball looks good because even though I got cut frosh year I still continued. The retreats also show my faith. I took challenging classes too pretty much all the APs I could have minus Physics and European history. We have no computer science course either :(. I really hope they look at both my ACTs closely and realize how I should have gotten a 32. I mean I got two 34s, but reading killed me on my second time with a 27. I am really dejected because I got deferred from U of I (I did direct business app which I think is a mistake) there is still a chance I will be accepted there because they will look at my app a second time, but I am deeply depressed nevertheless. I only applied to Mich, U of I, and Indiana because I am pretty sure I can get into Indiana and it's still a great businesss school.</p>