My chances to get into Rutgers NB. (Please respond, i need clarification)

Im a in state senior and applied to all 3 schools in NB. I got a 670 in math 580 in reading and 550 in writing for my sat for a combined score of 1800. I also have taken 3 AP classes and have a GPA of (3.05/4) and (4/6) Ik my GPA’s are not fantastic but I really didn’t try at all in school. I did sports for 4 years straight and and Varsity for 3 years and also Captain for 2 years which helps with leadership. I also have 100 volunteer hours and my friends, family and teacher have all said my essay was spectacular. I applied EA and still did not get a response back. I know lots of people with lower credentials than me got in and im wondering why I did not hear back yet. I am getting concerned because I did not get a response yet and its so late already.

I think it is because of the amount of applicants they have. I know people with great scores that haven’t gotten their letter yet. Rutgers is one of those schools that only really look at grades for admission, essays and ec’s don’t have much of an impact unless your scores are on the border of acceptance and rejection. I would call them because it is ridiculous