My chances UNC Chapel Hill (in-state)

<p>Hello all,</p>

<p>I have been wondering what my chances are of getting into this school is. I believe i have what it takes. I have always wanted to go to this school since i was a little kid believe. I love this school so much i got my dad to take me to the Finals Fours the basketball team recently reached which has been some of the most fond memories i have especially when they won the title in Detroit. I want to go the the Carolina Business school and Major in Business Administration</p>

<p>Alrighty here is my stats,</p>

<p>Im only a sophomore but nothing is going to change except the difficulty of classes i have which wont be hard.</p>

I have not taken the SAT or ACT but i will be at the beginning of next year or whenever it is possible to. I have taken the ASVAB though and I got a 83 on it which if I am not mistaken is actually pretty good </p>

<p>Freshman year</p>

<p>Environmental Science- 98
World History
Algebra 1-96
English 1-92 (I cant believe i got a B in that class all it has done is motivate me this year to get all A's)
P.E.-98 ( required by my school)</p>

<p>Sophomore year</p>

<p>World Lit- 97
Adv. Algebra 2-70 ( I know what you are thinking but that class was the hardest class I have ever taken.....there was only two A's total in that class) I still got a 91 on the EOC though which was great compared to my classmates
Drill & Ceremonies NJROTC-97
Computer Apps-95 ( required by my county)
Adv. Civics and Economics-95
Naval Science 2 NJROTC-98
NJROTC Leader Lab-97


<p>I plan on Doing 4 years of NJROTC throughout High School. I believe this will help me on the leadership aspect of Business Administration..... In NJROTC I am on the drill team, Orieenterring team, and the academic team..... The Drill team is great is we do good in the Area 6 Championship then we will go to navy nationals in Pensacola Florida. The Orieenterring team is Land Navigation with a Compass.. I have been to the Mini boot camp 2 years in a row and next year i will be a platoon commander at the boot camp.. I plan to go to Leadership Academy if i get selected to go for my High School which I should. I believe i already have somewhere in the ballpark of 30-40 hours of community service thanks to NJROTC where it is required that you do community service, </p>

<p>Sports </p>

<p>I played tennis for 2 years and plan to keep playing that. I was going to Wrestle but the Drill team took up way to much time to be able to do that.</p>


<p>I think I will have what it takes to get into UNC Chapel Hill by the time I graduate High School. Let me know if you think I have what it takes or if I need to improve on some areas which i most likely will. All constructive criticism is accepted.</p>

<p>Thank You in advance</p>

<p>BUMP........nobody has an opinion?</p>

<p>I think you would definitely have a chance, your grades are good, just make sure you stay involved in other activities.</p>

<p>thanks courtney2993.... anybody else</p>

<p>i think you definitely have a strong chance. everything looks good. just focus on keeping those grades up and u should b fine. u say u havent taken the act or sat yet, i reccomend doing that soon so that u can take it more than once, if at all possible. most ppl do better the second time around than the first time.</p>

<p>i wouldnt mind a chance back :) <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>yeah i plan to sign up to take both the SAT and ACT next year at least 2 times and more for my senior year.</p>

<p>anybody else?</p>