My chances with taking Regular Classes?

<p>I am not that great at math and stupidly took PAP Pre-Calc. The class is easy, but I do really bad on tests and i have to dedicate at least 2 hours every day and i still have a 75 in that class! But my scores have also been affected, and I can take AB as a junior, BC as a senior and Stat as a junior too since i think that will be easier and more spread out. I have a 75 in PAP Pre-Calc and I've been trying and struggling so hard! I can do better in regular pre-calc classes than pre ap classes! I don't think that Cornell would want a student with a C in PAP Pre-calculus over one who got an A in regular right? What should I do? My classes: All Honors: Chemistry, Spanish 3, English 2, AP World, AP Psych and AP Human. I'm in debate, I started my own fashion club, and I'm in a multitude of clubs where i have leadership!</p>

<p>Cornell looks for students who take harder level classes earlier in their high school career, it shows they excel above the rest but having a 75 is not good. You should not be getting that, period.</p>