My chances with the elite LACs

<p>Hi. Just wondering if I could get some opinions regarding my chances at Haverford, Wesleyan, or Tufts assuming I apply to all early decision </p>

<p>-White Male Highschool Junior<br>
- 3.7 unweighted gpa
- 4.1 weighted
- SAT: 2170 690M 720CR 760W
- One year varsity soccer
- 3 years varsity tennis (captain)
- President of Latin club
- Senior Class Vice President
- 4 years Peer Leaders (President)
- President of National Honor Society
- One year school play
- Founder of political Discussion Club
- Editor in Cheif of School Newspaper
- 2 time winner of Fitchburg State College Writing Award
- 3 Boston Globe silver keys in Writing, 1 Gold
- Accepted into Archaeological Field School in Belize
- Accepted into Tufts summer writing Program</p>

<p>good luck, wish you can find answer</p>

<p>S got into Wesleyan with slightly higher stats than yours (but less ECs).
He was an ED applicant that got waitlisted and then in off of the waitlist.</p>

<p>How good are you at tennis? Perhaps you can try and get recruited (which as you may know is a fantastic hook).</p>

<p>How can you apply Early Decision to all? Early Decision is binding. Also, what are your Subject Test and AP scores? Are you taking the most demanding courses available to you?</p>

How can you apply Early Decision to all? Early Decision is binding.


I think what he means is, which one of the three is the easiest to get in, if applying ED. </p>

<p>and yes, APs, SAT2, honor classes, college credits etc are also very important if you want a reliable chance.</p>