My chances?

<p>White(part Cuban and Spanish so I am selecting Cuban and Spain on the Common App)
In State
Mostly Bs
Currently at a Quaker Boarding School in PA-George School
ACT=27 (just retook and a 29-31 is likely)
Few APs--AP Chinese 4, Chinese again this year(betting on a 5) and APUS History(a 3+)</p>

<p>I went to School Year Abroad China for my Junior year of high school. It's a language intensive program in Beijing. I had never taken any Chinese before that and was able to get a 4 on the AP after just a year. This is my defining element and my big thing for colleges to take an interest in. I am going to play up Chinese as my big essay topics- I'm also going to talk about Diversity for the Common App and say how being in China taught me what being a minority is.</p>

Sailing Freshman and Sophomore Year(I stopped only because I switched schools and the new one did not have it)
Swimming Junior Year
Track Junior year
Open Doors(my school's Gay-Straight Alliance) Senior year
Computer Club Senior year
Bilingual Corner(at my China program we had organized bilingual activities with local Chinese students)Junior year
Ultimate Frisbee Senior Year
Chinese Calligraphy Junior Year</p>

<p>I'm depending on going to UNC because money is tight right now and it is the best option for me academics-wise. My first term Senior year grades are expected to be mostly As and A-s. I'm not a bad writer and I have been working on them for a long time so I am confident that my essays will work strongly in my favor.</p>

<p>Any and all ideas about my chances are highly appreciated.

<p>Definitley get ACT scores up, because your GPA sounds low for UNC</p>

<p>Agree that the ACT score needs to come up. But the experience in China plus perhaps the information about learning from the experiences at George School may help.
The impressive part, I think, for sure is your willingness to immerse yourself in another culture. UNC likes open-minded kids!