My Chances

<p>Early Decision
College of Liberal Arts
White male, Jersey Shore
GPA: 89% at an extremely good public school (no ranking/GPAs)
SAT: 1380/2100 (670 CR/710 MTH/720 WRT)
SAT II Bio: 600
SAT II Math 1: 740
Two reccomendation letters, both are most likely really good.
- Three years of karate, taught lower belts
- Three years world language club
- Four years of internships
- Two years of usmmer jobs
- One year summer classes at local college
Great Essays</p>

<p>From what I hear, I think I've got a really good shot at acceptance but let me know what you think (excuse my typos).</p>

<p>Please help! I cant even sleep at night, because of how caught up my mind is on college...</p>

<p>pleeeeease? at least let me know if you think ill make GSP :(</p>

<p>the views keep going up, but still no reply -.-</p>

<p>Personally I don't think anyone likes answering these type of posts anymore. You know what it takes to get in. You've seen statistics and and have probably read through many posts about NYU. Everyone knows that no one is guaranteed admissions, it just depends on how you present yourself in your app, and how the admissions officer sees you and if you will fit with NYU. </p>

<p>You know you have the grades and scores. What anyone says wont change anything, its nice to hear "yeah you will totally get in!", but realistically, if you don't, you might be even more upset--and lose faith in people's opinions. Plus NYU has probably already made your decision. </p>

<p>I'm sorry if this sounds short and bitter, but I have spent the whole day in a hospital, my mom is getting heart surgery tomorrow...and the flourescent lights can really get to you after a certain extended period of time. </p>

<p>You will probably get in. But maybe you wont. Its pretty much luck to a certain extent. If it helps...your stats are better than mine. It just depends. Best of Luck, though.</p>

<p>Eh thanks for being honest, I just wanted an answer, Im freaking out over the whole dmissions thing. Im sorry about your mom, hopefully we'll both be chilling at NYU in a year</p>

<p>I know how it is. I seriously cannot stop thinking about the "envelope". Constantly...When I wake up, when I'm in class, when I'm with friends, When I go to sleep. It is extremely aggrivating!</p>

<p>I think you have a good shot at CAS. Like most poeple on this bored.</p>

<p>Where from the Shore are you from?</p>

<p>I used to live in Eatontown, but i moved away freom the shore kinda, Im in Colts Neck now if you know where the towns are</p>

<p>ooh yeah i know colts neck.</p>

<p>i'm from wall.</p>

<p>just wanted to know if i had some local competition.</p>

<p>haha way kidding, just wondering.</p>

<p>haha cool, did you apply ED? good luck to you, if you did</p>

<p>ha yea i applied ED.</p>

<p>good luck to you too.</p>

<p>vcanscv - did you post your stats somewhere else also?
well, with ED you have a good chance. hope you get in , you seem like you really want to.</p>

<p>thanks, i hope so too... and no i dont think so... i really hope i get in >.<</p>


<p>People, you don't have to fret as much as you think to get in. I have a meager list of comm service and only helped with collecting for the katrina fund as part of my student activities. I've gotten a couple D's. I wrote a kick arse essay though. I was once on academic probation at another university. BUT GUESS WHAT!!??? I GOT IN!!!</p>


<p>borderline accepted/GSP</p>

<p>w00t ill take that much, so you think ill get in somewhere... if not necessarily at CAS?</p>

<p>if u do get rejected CAS, youll get in gsp. your stats are higher than mine and i got into GSP.</p>