My Chances

<p>Well I'm currently a Sophmore in Highschool planning to attend a competitive college, most likely an Ivy, i.e Harvard. My test scores are always fairly well. I took the SATs as a Freshman just to see where I stand and got a 1900, without finishing the essay. Basically, I took the test blindly and did fairly well. I think I could bump it up to around 2200 if I try hard enough, which I've been doing. My problem is that I've been procrastinating A LOT recently. Freshman year I got on average two b's per marking period in honors classes. Not because I flunked the tests or didn't get the material but I rarely did the assigned homework. The first marking period this year I did fairly well, only one B in an honors class and the rest A's. The second marking period which just passed a few days ago, I got four B's, mainly due to the mid-terms which I didn't take too seriously. I'd also like to add that I wrestled Freshman year, and will wrestle Junior/Senior year as well. Couldn't wrestle this year because of an injury. I don't have many EC's besides that except that I've been involved with a non-profit organization for 3 years now, 5 years by the time I'm a senior in Highschool. Actually helped start it and give back to the community. If I got straight A's from here on out, meaning the two remaining marking periods for my Sophomore year and all four marking periods for Junior year and Senior year, what would my chances be of getting into an Ivy? I'd also like some advice for how I can increase my chances of getting in. </p>

<p>Note: I'm all for getting involved in more EC's but it's just that my school doesn't provide for many. I don't go to the best school, but it wasn't my choice. It was because of where I live and what school was nearest to me. None the less, I have a few AP's lined up. Taking AP History I this year and probably 5-6 more APs in the next two years.</p>