my chances.

Does being an IB diploma CANDIDATE increase my chances getting into NYU?

Along with…
my senior course work consists of 5 IB classes, an AP class which is Art History, and one honors math class. I am also on cross country and track where I qualified for lower-state and state. I’m active in clubs such as anchor, key, FBLA, and Spanish club. I have competed and qualified for state and nationals in FBLA. My honors are Mu theta alpha, beta. NHS, and junior marshal.
My GPA is 4.977 W and 3.93 UW.
I’m top 5% of my class.

I’m currently working on my test scores.

I don’t believe the type of diploma a student completes is an advantage or disadvantage in itself at NYU, but good performance in rigorous courses, which you seem to have judging by your GPA, will be what they look for.
Good luck with your test scores - have you not written any standardized tests yet, or are you retaking to try improve?

I think IB is generally understood to be more rigorous but I’m not sure if it makes a huge effect. If you’re applying to CAS you should be fine tbh, provided your scores are good