My chances?

<p>I guess I'm your typical anxious high school senior, I'm curious as to what others think my chances are at NYU. Counselors don't give the best opinions since they like to twist it up and stuff. -__- I'm worried because my GPA is relatively low while I have relatively high test scores. =/</p>

<p>Financially stable family, Asian-American that lives in Northern California. (Silicon Valley)</p>

<p>GPA. around 3.5 weighted. I finally forced myself to forget my unweighted GPA since its too painful for me to remember. (Above 3.0 though)</p>

APs and Honors: Chemistry AP, Biology AP, Chemistry Honors, Statistics AP, English Literature 12 AP, English 11 Honors.
Currently taking two science classes (Bio AP and regular physics) and taking calculus at a night class.</p>

Best SAT I Combined: 2100
ACT: Currently 32, writing portion hasn't come through yet.
SAT IIs: 790 Chemistry 780 Math IIc.
APs: Currently, 5 in AP Chemistry. Plan to take AP bio, stats, and lit test.</p>

- JV tennis freshman year, Varsity tennis sophomore year, but stopped playing for team junior/senior year.
- Piano for around 9 years
- Kendo for around 2 years. Black belt and won 2nd place in national tournament
- Volunteer at a church every saturday</p>

<p>Not sure if I missed anything...</p>

I'm also applying to Boston College, Boston U, and Northeastern, but NYUs my first choice.</p>

<p>It's definitely a reach for you. Your EC isn't very good. You need more and better leadership roles.</p>

<p>Well atleast it s areach for you. Lol its a impossibility for me.</p>

<p>BTW what major? If your aplying for Stern and Tisch it's going ot be tough.</p>

<p>Tough classes and your great SAT score def helps. GPA is on the low side because it's similar to mine lol.</p>

<p>Good luck though.</p>

<p>I wish everyone could just go to their dream college without having to worry about this stuff.</p>

<p>I'm thinking of majoring in biochemistry, so I guess I'd be applying to CAS. </p>

<p>Hahah yeah, I can't wait until this is over</p>