My chances

Hiiii I will be applying to a lotta bs for 2023-2024 school year. I just finished grade 7 in a private prep school in NJ. I am planning on attending day for all of them and no financial aid.

Schools in applying to (uppercase is the schools that are my main goal)

choate rosemary hall
Philips Exeter
Philips Andover
St. Paul’s
Loomis Chaffee
Harvard Westlake
Taft School
The Hill school

(I might delete some because of time constraints).

SSAT: (have yet to taken it )-: )

Grades+ classes:
All As and my school does not offer advanced courses so I take regular ones.

(I play the euphonium/baritone horn and take private lessons out of school)

School Symphonic band

School Wind ensemble

School Select Jazz band (played a solo that helped won 1st place in music in the parks festival)

CJMEA regionals symphonic band 2nd seat euphonium

Passed the first part of the julliard application/audition but was later rejected (prob doesn’t add anything to my apps lol)

I can also play trumpet and trombone at a decent level

School cantores choir

School select vocal ensemble (won first place for overall choir and first place vocal ensemble at music in the parks festival)

Student government/council

Student ambassador (I basically welcome prospective students)

Chess elective


Did the Nat Geo bee

Got the Cum Laude award on the national Latin exam

Created and designed official school swim team sweatshirts

Contributed to an animation the won the Indie film festival at my school

Got accepted and attended West Point STEM CLD summer camp (it has a 10% acceptance rate)

Got accepted to and Will be attending L’ville summer scholars

Got accepted to Stokes music camp in Montclair university (will not be attending)

Tennis 1st seat doubles and captain of MS school team and take private lessons out of school. (I am planning on competing and getting a UTR rating at the end of the summer).

Track for the school team3:45 800m

Swim for the school team



Art (will submit portfolio)

Drew profile pictures for people online

Mycology (grows mushrooms and cool stuff)

Entrepreneur and side hustles:

Mined 30,000 USD equivalent of ethereum

Bought and resold albums 500$

Created and developed a roblox clothing group with 350+ members and amassed over 1500$ of exchangeable robux. (I can dev ex my robux for About 1500$ USD).


ESTP- entrepreneur

I like socializing (a lot) and talking to people.

I always like to explore different things (as you can see with my resume lol)

I think my weakness is sometimes I’m pretty insensitive and impatient


Anyways- That’s all I have for noww, what y’all think? :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:

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You are impressive!

Don’t most of those schools start in 9th grade, though?

I think they’ll be going through the application process next year, in 8th, for 9th. I read it twice too!


You have schools from California to New Hampshire, so you’re not going to be able to apply to all of them as a day student. And St. Paul’s is 100% boarding anyway. Even if you think your family will move for you, at least some of the schools will require you to apply as a boarder based on your present address

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Is this a real person?

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Ooooh that sucks ): do you know which schools specifically asides from spa that I have to apply boarding? My parents are retiring soon so we are flexible in that we can literally move anywhere we want which is cool

No! How did you know I’m not real person? INFACT I indentify as a lions man mushroom :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

I am glad you think so :smirk_cat: however, if I bomb my Ssat would my chances be severely affected?

:-). Your profile looks too good. Maybe you are too good.

omg really??? That’s really re assuring tysm :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

I won’t go through the whole list; that’s your job. I do know, as an example, that you would have to apply to Andover and Exeter as a boarding student based on a NJ address. If you get accepted, you can ask to change to day, which is not guaranteed.

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That’s an amazing profile, wow. I don’t know any students at my school who were like that in eighth grade. You’ll do well anywhere you go—good luck!

By the way, some schools are more welcoming to day students than others. It might be worth just being a boarder, especially at schools like Deerfield and Hotchkiss, where the day student populations are quite small. (It’s a different story for schools like Lawrenceville with lots of day students)


Agree with @confusedaboutFA . If you are going to be a day student, find schools that have a decent # of day students who are not faculty children. You’ll find that they are considered in scheduling, etc.


Yep! My plan is to just apply to as many schools as possible and then look at my choices once results comes out. (That’s why some of the schools I put are just random top ranked BS) That is also why I have some focus schools like L’Ville and Newark academy because I know the school very well and have friends that go there. Ty for your concern tho I was also concerned about fitting in and stuff :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

In your essays, talk about why you are choosing that specific school and what you could offer a boarding school. You have very impressive stats!

You’ll have much better success on March 10th if you really know why you are applying to each of these schools, rather than just applying to “random top ranked BS[s]”. Figure out what you want in a BS and see if each of these schools seems like a good fit before applying.

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One of the big assets of a boarding school is to prepare you for the next step. Colleges can always tell BS students because they are not intimidated by being away from home and assimilate much quicker than those that went to day high schools. Our DS was a day student at first and then decided he wanted to board and it was a great decision as he had a chance to see both sides and ultimately thrived at BS and now at college. Two other points: some of the schools on your list take very few day student relative to those that board. Taft is one of those schools. Also, bigger is not necessarily better. The BS has to be a good fit for you and remember that doing really well at any BS, including (and maybe especially) at a small BS will give you a great chance to get accepted to the college of your choice.