My Chances

<p>Only a junior now,
Lower Merion HS (top 100 public in the nation) PA
GPA is around 3.1 unweighted,
PSATs math 80, verbal 71, writing 72
Will have taken 4 APs by end of senior year : comp sci, physics e&m, stat, calc ab
All honors with the exception of spanish all 3 years</p>

<p>-National Science olympaid medalist, national science olympaid 7th place overall,
-science olympaid treasurer
-Technology Student Association officer (TSA)
-1st place electical engineering and design national TSA (built and programmed a heart rate sensor w/ LCD and computer syncing)
-Medals in almost all science olympaid and tsa competitions regional, state
-4 years building "battlebots" on my own, awards at east coast competitions
-chess club
-math club
-oriental cultures club
-drexel engineering program summer 03
-hopefully PGSS this summer, or another gov's school</p>

<p>would like to go to ECE,</p>

<p>what are my chances assuming SATs of around 2200-2300</p>

<p>You're IN!</p>

<p>forgot to mention i will have also done ap lit and ap gov
are these creditentials good enough for mit?</p>