my chances?

<p>Hello. I am applying to the san diego, santa barbara, irvine, los angeles and berkeley campuses of the university of California. I was just wondering what my chances would be T.T</p>

<p>my uc gpa is : 3.87
SAT I: Math: 800
Writing: 740 w/ 11 essay score
Reading: 600
SAT II: Math 2c: 780
Korean Language: 750
U.S History: 600
E/C: 360 community service hours at St. Jude Hospital, 3 years of tennis (1 JV, 2 varsity), junior varsity tennis captain, 1 year of cross country, 4 years in Korean Club, and 3 years in Math Club.</p>

<p>Awards: Outstanding Performance: 2006-2007 year at St. Jude Hospital for Volunteer Services and "Korean American Outstanding Student Award" for dedication to the Korean American Community and academics.</p>

<p>the school I really want to get into is UC San Diego but I have a feeling what I have is not good enough.</p>

<p>the classes I am taking my senior year are: AP european history, AP american government, AP Calculus AB, IB Business/Management, English 4 (regular) and 3d design for my art credit</p>

<p>If you've taken more than 40 classes (counted by semester) since 9th grade, you should be in. 7606 points based just on what you've posted.</p>

<p>what other aps have you taken/passed?</p>

<p>i think youve got a pretty good chance at san diego, santa barbara, and irvine</p>

<p>la and cal.... a reach and also depending on your essays</p>

<p>good luck =)</p>

<p>Dont underestimate the essays and be sincere; write about what compels you to do the stuff you do and how going to school will lead you to your goals. They are REALLY important, especially if you might be borderline for schools like cal or ucla</p>