My Chances

<p>Alright, What are my Chances for admission?
I've got a 3.85 Weighted GPA, Top 20% Rank at prestigious prep school in Massachusetts, 2020 SAT (640Reading, 700Math, 680 Writing.)
ECs:Captain of New England Champ Academic Bowl Team,
French Club, Charity work for best buddies and preschoolers, and also computer, political clubs. Great Recs, All honors classes. 3 APs Sr year but weak grades in them.</p>

<p>um...i would say good shot at RPI BU and WPI but MIT Dartmouth and Tufts are extremely high reaches...don't get me appear to be a very good student but the three reaches i listed above take the best of the best. Somewhere close to 50% of MIT students got an 800 in math and over 700 in CR... EC's are not particularly stand-outish/strong...dont lose hope though...good luck</p>


<p>Which "prestigious" prep school - Deerfield, Andover etc.? It will put your GPA into context.</p>

<p>St. John's Prep</p>