my chances

<p>hey guys, I usually don't do this but I'm getting nervous. I need your honest opinion. thanks!</p>

<p>High School: sends about 10 kids to ivies every year
GPA: 4.05 weighted 3.9 unweighted
AP: 9 total
SAT: 2250
SAT II: 780M2 740WHist 760USHist</p>

<p>counselor rec: she told me it was amazing
teacher recs: I'm assuming pretty good
essays: ok</p>

-student government pres
-debate team pres (numerous debate awards)
-spanish club pres
-church youth group pres
-intel isef competitor</p>

<p>I like your chances, but I really don't know any more than you do. Best of luck!</p>

<p>High unweighted GPA. But low weighted GPA, whats up with that? Does your school not give a lot of quality points for honors/AP or do you just not take many?</p>

<p>your chances are good (better than mine definitely)</p>

<p>our school gives +0.5 for AP courses. No other courses are weighted. A-4.0, B+-3.5, B-3.0, etc. I think the highest GPA in our school is a 4.09ish/4.1..</p>

<p>okay, that makes more sense now. I'd say you have pretty good chances...OK essays won't get you in. But I'm guessing your essays are better than you think.</p>

<p>yeah, please chance me
High school: Long Island, great rep
GPA: my school doesn't have one, but my unweighted would be around 3.7
AP's: 6 classes
SAT: 720 Writing, 660 Math, 620 CR (Bad, I know)
ACT: 32
SAT II: 660 Math I, 680 Math 2, 720 American History, 710 Spanish</p>

<p>EC: 4 Year Varsity Wrestler, twice all county
3 Year Lacrosse player, all county honorable mention
All County Saxophone
President of Jazz Band, Medical Explorers, VP Of Future Business Leaders of America.... Also member of national honor society, foreign language honor society, world affairs, model united nations, french club.
.....i know these posts are annoying, but will my high extra curriculars compensate for my low SAT and SAT II scores?</p>

<p>i would have to say prob. not especially from Long Island where it is ultra competitive I dont think your stats will cut it but who knows good luck!</p>