My chances?

<p>I realize a lot of people are doing this, but I haven’t actually asked before, so here goes.</p>

<p>public high school
Caucasian female (Maine)
applied to school of comm. in bu</p>

<p>unweighted GPA: 3.1
weighted GPA: 3.788</p>


<p>math: 510
verbal: 600
writing: 660</p>


<p>composite: 25
writing: 30
science: 25
reading: 27
math: 18</p>

<p>AP Classes:</p>

<p>AP English Lit
AP English language and composition
AP US history
AP Government and Politics
AP Photography</p>

<p>also took 4 classes of Spanish in 3 years and an “advanced” english II course my sophomore year. </p>

<p>Extra Cur.</p>

<p>sport: equestrian (non-varsity)
art: photography
art: graphic design (for commission online)
music: instrumental (guitar)
religious: youth group
job: hannaford cashier (consistently 15 hours a week for 1.5 years)
job: dog walking (consistently 3 hours a week for 4 years)</p>

<p>I never saw my teacher recs, but I’m fairly sure they’re good, both from teachers of AP courses. I wrote a very unique and personal (and I’d say really good) essay.</p>

<p>nah but good luck I suppose.</p>

<p>You have a shot...</p>

<p>Depends on the specific BU school/college though; some of which you are definitely in...I wouldn't worry about it now though, decisions will be out soon!</p>

<p>I applied to the school of communications as a film major (so I'm hoping my math scores won't be a critical factor).
and I already got accepted to two other great schools, so I'm not all that worried, it's not even my top pick, but hey.. it'd be nice to get in anyway.</p>