My chances?

<p>IB diploma candidate, all classes are IB</p>

Math HL
French A2 HL
English A1 HL
History HL
Biology SL
Chemistry SL</p>

<p>GPA UW: 4.03
GPA W: 4.2 </p>

<p>SAT Regular: 1810 (gonna bring it up)
Act: Going to take, (gettin 30+ in practices)</p>

<p>SAT2: Taking math, chem, bio and French</p>

Class president 3 years running
Playing piano for 10 years
Yearbook comitee 9th grade
Red cross trained 11th grade
200+ Hours of volunteer work (tutoring, doctor's office etc...)</p>

Fluent in 3 languages, and skipped two grades</p>


<p>(for the UCs, I'm going on the assumption that you're out of state)</p>

<p>I would say, if you can get your SAT above a 2000 or so, OR if you can get your ACT above 30, UCI is a 100%, UCLA is a likely. USC is harder, but depending on how high you can get your scores (maybe 2100-2200, and >33), I'd say everything else looks fine.</p>

<p>I'm californian if that counts for anything</p>