My chances?

<p>my stats are as follows:
sat 1 verbal: 720 sat 1 math: 800
sat 2 math2c: 790 sat 2 physics: 800 sat 2 writing: 590
sat 2 writing and chemistry re-taken on nov.
my a level results are:
physics-A Chemistry-A math-A
Further mathematics-A General Paper-b
economics-a business studies-b
TOEFL 280 (essay rating 5)
further math, eco and business studies are my self prepared subs.
how much will my low writing score affect my admission?
i am from nepal so will being from a third world country help me get in?
should i even apply to northwestern?</p>

<p>Your SAT's look good (assuming you get your writing score up, although I don't know how much they will care if it's a little low if you're from nepal - wait, what do you mean you are from nepal? maybe you could explain your situation a little more...), I don't know anything about the toefl... did you take any IB courses? (or AP... if you're here now)</p>

<p>btw, this is probably a stupid question (and not wholly related to this post - sorry) but what are A-level results? (I'm applying to NWU too) are they just courses you got an A on, or is "A-level" some other program like AP or IB or honors?</p>

<p>A levels is a British curriculum conducted by Cambridge Board.
They are somewhat like the IB courses.</p>