My chances

<p>Hi what are my chances at UCs, MIT, stanford, Caltech, georgiatech, U of illinois and princeton
3.8 GPA
top 3%
5 in Physics Maths English Urdu Computing
4 in chemistry
1420 SAt1
SAt 2
800 Physics
720 Writng
800 Maths 2c</p>

<p>Runner up in national science fair
did a lot of community service plus also managed fund raisers
disadvantaged background
disadvantaged school
developed softwares for a local university and a hospital
play Basketball (Regional), Soccer and voleyball(school level)
I am editor of school magazine
I am also the technical director and script writer and actor for school dramas.
Nationally ranked 8th web designer.
My schools official "brain of the year".</p>

<p>i have tried my best to translate my grades to the US system so it makes sense to the people who read them. I actually gave the British GCEs. I went to school in another country. But i am a US citizen not an international applicant. THe SAT2 sat scores are guesses but i am pretty sure about them.</p>

<p>besides i am alos in minority as an American Asian(India)</p>

<p>andmy parents work in india so there income is <$15000 a year</p>

<p>i am alos living alone ow and oding a fulltime job as i ahve taken a year of college. i am in USA now and my parents are in india</p>


<p>They really have AP Urdu?
Also, Asians are not a minority (in the URM sense) in college admissions.</p>

<p>UCB: Match
UCLA: Match
UCSD: Safe Match
All other UCs: Safety
MIT: Reach
Stanford: Reach
Caltech: Reach
Georgia Tech: Match
UIUC: Safe Match
Princeton: Reach</p>

<p>UCs - match (except for Berkeley and LA)
MIT - possible match
stanford - possible match
Caltech - match
georgiatech - safety
U of illinois - safety
princeton - reach / possible match</p>

<p>thankz guys.
besides i did AP level courses so for u i just translated the results to make it easier for people to understand</p>